HRM Program Overview


Orientation Week

Held on-campus in the first week of fall courses (virtual in 2021 and 2022).

Four online courses

Delivered over two terms, the HRM coursework covers ethical, legal, business, and research priorities.

Intensive Collaboration

SFU faculty will support the design and delivery of your MA thesis.

Thesis Defence

Juried defences for the MA program take place on SFU campus.

What makes SFU's professional program unique?

SFU’s Program is built on the idea that individual leaders can make real differences in assuring that the full spectrum of heritage resources are considered in project planning and implementation. We provide new avenues of understanding and inquiry concerning the complexity and potential of heritage resource management today. The Program’s courses and thesis requirement will broaden and professionalize each candidate’s knowledge of contemporary issues and dynamics in Heritage Resource Management while expanding their frame of reference to a global scale. 

The Heritage Resource Management MA Program does not provide training in archaeology per se. Instead, the Program curriculum is designed to serve the needs and interests of existing professionals who hold Bachelor’s degrees, demonstrate research and writing capabilities, and a commitment to a career in heritage resource management.

The Program uses advanced distance learning technologies— SFU’s Canvas platform—to support exceptionally high quality learning environments. The SFU Centre for Educational Excellence is the Program partner for course development and delivery.

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Applications open October 1, 2021. Apply any time before July 1, 2022. The application portal closes July 15, 2022 (ends receipt of transcripts, reference letters, etc.).


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