Dr. Amandio Vieira

Associate Professor
B.Sc. (University of Calgary)
Ph.D. (University of Alberta)

 (778) 782-4251
 (778) 782-3040

Research Interests:

In general, I am interested in the structure and function of biological systems at different levels. In terms of basic research, I and other members of my group study molecular and cellular mechanism of physiological regulation, e.g., biological transport and signaling, genetic and epigenetic control. In much of our work, we develop these interests in the context of nutrition and metabolism: endocytic transport of nutrients, nutritional epigenetics, transport-function relations of hormones and other regulatory/metabolic factors.

We also research some of these topics in more of an applied context. Basic work on biological transport and transport proteins is also considered in a pathological or therapeutic perspective: basic studies on the endocytic transport of vitamins A, D, and other nutrients, for example, can contribute to a better understanding of the modulation of such transport in cancer cells, or more generally to the identification of pharmaco-modulators of the transport process. One of the nutrient/hormone transport proteins that we study, transthyretin, is also a factor in some amyloidogenic neurodegenerative diseases; its related cellular toxicity mechanisms are being investigated by our group. Another area of interest is that of dietary phytochemicals and human health, e.g., how they contribute to health and longevity, antioxidant activities, and how they may impact pathological processes involved in cancer, cardiovascular, neurodegenerative and other chronic diseases. More specific studies of these and other topics are given in the publications selection below.

Recent theses supervised & Selected publications:

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