Transfer from Another University or College

If you are currently at another university or college, and wanting to transfer to a BPK program, take the following steps:

  1. Apply to SFU, specifically to the Faculty of Science. Refer to the SFU Admission website to familiarize yourself yourself with the requirements, and follow up with the SFU Admissions team directly if you have any questions about your potential application. 

  2. Once a student at SFU, you can work towards an Internal Transfer to one of the BPK Programs. Admission via this route is competitive, and is based on your GPA in select courses completed in your first semesters at SFU.

To pursue this option, you should:

  • Follow up with the BPK Advisor if you have any questions about your potential application.

  • If you meet the competitive requirements, submit a completed approval form and advising transcript by the next deadline (Feb 1st, June 1st, Oct 1st)

Please note:

  • If one or more courses have been duplicated (repeated), the higher grade from all course attempts will be used
  • A minimum of 12 units of the approval courses must be completed at SFU