New Students

I've been accepted...Now what? 

Domestic & International Students: 

  1. Contact your Senior Supervisor and check out your labs 
  2. Get your SFU ID/Library card (3000 level Maggie Benston Center, LINK
  3. Get Canadian SIN Card (LINK) and input your SIN to goSFU (
  4. Contact the BPK Graduate Program Assistant ( for:
    • Information, Course Registration, Tuition payment, Graduate Student resources and forms, Scholarships/Awards
    • Get a mailbox/keys, access to the Grad Lounge (K8504), Photocopy room (K9635), and TA Office (K8619) 
  5. Contact the BPK Financial Assistant ( for: 
    • RA/TA-ship assignment, general financial inquiries, financial reimbursement issues

Other items

  • Activate your computing ID
  • Follow up on the conditions of your offer, for example, sending official transcripts from your previous institutions to Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  • MSc: Register for BPK 898 (MSc Thesis) every semester via goSFU
  • PhD: Register for BPK 899 (PhD Thesis) every semester via goSFU

See Getting Started from Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies for more tips and guides on how to get started in your graduate program.