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BPK facilitates the pursuit of research excellence and fosters a culture of collaboration and support for researchers. BPK is also the proud home of the Kids Brain Health Network, a Network Centre of Excellence of Canada.

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Cardiovascular Physiology

Focus on heart and vascular function at the molecular, cellular, and systems levels, with applications to congenital heart disease, disease prevention and drug design.

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Neuromechanics integrates the fields of biomechanics and neurophysiology to understand human movement in health and disease, with applications to rehabilitation medicine, injury prevention and aging.

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Environmental Physiology

Environmental Physiology takes an integrative systems approach to understanding whole body human physiology as a function of changes in environmental conditions.

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Chronic Diseases

Multidisciplinary training in the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes, from individual physiology to the broader scope of community health and disease treatment.

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Neuroscience spans a wide spectrum, ranging from the neurophysiology of motor control, cellular properties of neurons and neuronal circuitry, the pathophysiology of degenerative neurological diseases and the molecular biophysics underlying membrane properties of neurons.

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Not only are we one of the strongest Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology programs in Canada, but we also have a strong commitment to research and are well funded through various funding agencies. Search through our featured research stories and explore our partner facilities.

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Find information relevant to our postdoctoral fellows, including

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Our educational and research goals are to impart a sound knowledge base and to promote critical thinking, problem solving, research, and technical and communication skills appropriate to the field through our undergraduate, graduate and continuing studies programs.

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