Dr. Andrew Blaber

B.Sc. Honours Marine Biology
 M.Sc. Biophysics (University Guelph)
B.Ed Physics/Biology (University of Western Ontario)
Ph.D. Kinesiology (University of Waterloo)

 (778) 782-3276
 (778) 782-3040

Aerospace Physiology Lab

Aerospace Physiology Laboratory

The Aerospace Physiology Laboratory conducts research related to human physiological responses and adaptations to Terrestrial and Space environments. The Director, Dr. Blaber, has a special interest in modeling cerebral blood flow regulation under various environmental conditions. Located in the Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University the laboratory has cardiovascular, respiratory, blood flow, tilt table, lower body negative pressure, and exercise testing capabilities. The lab specializes in non-invasive measurements of human physiology. The lab has the capability to measure continuous non-invasive heart rate, arterial blood pressure, blood flow (Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound for cerebral and other arterial blood vessels), breath-by-breath respiratory gas exchange, skeletal muscle electromyography (EMG), and postural sway (Forceplate). Recently we conducted experiments to test the relationship between cerebral blood flow regulation and fainting in the elderly; the effect of altitude on orthostatic intolerance; and the effects of chronic exposure to high levels of carbon dioxide on cerebral autoregulation and orthostatic tolerance. Presently we are conducting experiments to investigate: physiological responses and adaptations to altitude; cerebral blood flow during exercise at various altitudes; effects of weightlessness (space flight) and hypergravity (human centrifuge) on cardiovascular reflexes; and, the relationship of cardiovascular and postural controls with aging and with concussion.

Selected Papers:

Some papers are listed with links to download PDF format copies. Be aware that publishers might place restrictions on access to some papers.

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