Dennis Cheng

Graduated from SFU in 2015

Major: Kinesiology

Degree Received: BSc

Certificate in Health & Fitness Studies, Certificate in Applied Human Nutrition

Dennis is currently working for Provincial Health Services Authority as a Safety Consultant at BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital

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Dennis graduated from SFU in the Summer of 2015, completing his Bachelor of Kinesiology, with diplomas in Health and Fitness Studies and Applied Human Nutrition. After graduation, Dennis went to BCIT to complete a Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety. He is a Canadian Registered Safety Professional and is currently working for Provincial Health Services Authority.


1) What is your current position? What does a typical work day look like for you?   

I am currently working for Provincial Health Services Authority as a Safety Consultant at BC Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

A typical day can consist of attending meetings, providing safety education to staff, participating in the development of policies and procedures, reviewing workplace incidents and conducting different types of workplace assessments.

2) How did your education in BPK influence your career?

The BPK program offers numerous courses that allow an individual to discover one’s passion. During my last 2 years at SFU, I took ergonomics and occupational hygiene courses because I wanted to explore different job opportunities after graduation. After taking these courses, I felt that I would be able to apply these learnings into the workplace to make a positive impact focusing on prevention. Overall, my BPK path introduced me to pursue health and safety in the healthcare industry.

3) Who in BPK had an impact on you and why?

The instructor that impacted me the most was Anne-Kristina Arnold. She was an instructor that was very passionate towards ergonomics and showed a different side of the BPK program. I felt that the education from her courses were very relatable to workplace situations that I experienced in the past which made studying easier and fun. Her support and guidance throughout my educational journey are what led me to start a career in health and safety.

4) What is your favourite memory of your time at SFU as an undergraduate?

I really enjoyed working at the SFU Fitness Centre. It was a workplace where I was able to develop valuable soft skills and apply what I learned from BPK classes. Through this experience, I was able to build meaningful relationships, destress and stay active during busy semesters. 

5) What advice would you give to today’s BPK student? 

Do your best to enjoy what you learn and connect with your instructors. When you are interested in the topics you are learning, you’ll have more motivation to study. I felt office hours were one of the best ways to get to know instructors. At office hours, instructors will share stories which can assist you to grasp concepts or give you a good chuckle.

I would recommend taking co-op because there is a lot of opportunity to discover what you are passionate about while making money. Furthermore, it gives someone an opportunity to put their education into practice while developing skills that can’t be learned in school.