Nikki Ariyawardena

Graduated from SFU in 2015

Major: Biomedical Physiology

Degrees Received: BSc. Hons, Pharm.D

Credentials: Honors, Co-op, Biomedical Physiology Major, Business Minor



Nikki is currently a community pharmacist and formerly a pharmacy manager/bc wide travel pharmacist. Fancy desserts, travelling abroad, American football, makeup and my cat are also things Nikki is passionate about!


1) What is your current position? What does a typical work day look like for you?   

My current position is a staff pharmacist. A typical workday involves verifying prescriptions, checking for interactions/contraindications, billing insurance plans, preparing blister packs, contacting patients and prescribers about medication issues, counselling patients on medications and providing vaccines to the public.

2) How did your education in BPK influence your career?

So much of what I learned in BPK ended up being the foundation for what being a pharmacist is. From understanding the mechanism of action of medications to figuring out skills such as critical thinking, problem solving etc. my first degree was so valuable in preparing me for what was to come in pharmacy.

3) Who in BPK had an impact on you and why?

Darleen and being in Co-op was one of the best decisions of my undergrad. The co-op program taught me so many skills that aren’t learned in the classroom that were essential for my success after graduating.

4) What is your favourite memory of your time at SFU as an undergraduate?

Working at student central as a tour guide/information assistant, being an orientation leader, being part of the dance team and spending time with my friends between classes. Work/life or school/life balance is extremely important to me

5) What advice would you give to today’s BPK student? 

Say yes to any opportunity that is within your reach. Even if you hate it, it will help you learn about yourself and force you to adapt to something unfamiliar. Ultimately, that one decision may change the course of your life.