Neuromechanics Group

The Neuromechanics Group in the Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology integrates the fields of biomechanics and neurophysiology to understand movement in health and disease, with applications to rehabilitation medicine, robotics, energy harvesting, injury prevention, and aging.

Research includes basic and applied studies on gait (both healthy and stroke patients), mobility, posture, falls and injuries in older adults, visuomotor control, comparative neuromechanics and scaling, neuroanatomy, neuroprosthetic rehabilitation, muscle mechanics, and muscle imaging.

Group Members

Facilities and Equipment

We have a shared neuromechanics laboratory space that combines resources from the individual research labs and encourages collaboration and communication between members from different labs.

Among the group members, we have state-of-the-art research equipment for motion capture, muscle imaging, measuring muscle activity, determining ground reaction forces, stimulating peripheral nerves, and perturbing balance during standing and walking (including translating platforms and a split-belt treadmill).

Graduate and Post-doctoral Positions Available Within the Group

See individual member lab websites for postings