Wed, 27 Oct 2021
Events, Seminar Series

Dr. David Zechel

Queen's University

Mechanisms of unusual transformations involving organophosphonate natural products mediated by non-heme iron dependent oxygenases

Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Room C9002 @ 3:30 p.m.

Host: Dr. Erika Plettner



Organophosphonates (Pns) comprise a prominent class of natural products that is defined by a highly stable C-P bond. The biochemistry of Pns has evolved into two worlds, with one dedicated to synthesizing the C−P bond and incorporating this motif into complex bioactive molecules, while the other seeks to cleave the C−P bond to release inorganic phosphate, a life limiting nutrient. Non-heme iron dependent oxygenases play important roles in both biosynthetic and catabolic Pn pathways. This seminar will cover (1) recent mechanistic studies into the oxidative C-P bond cleavage reaction catalyzed by the mixed valence diiron oxygenase, PhnZ, and (2) the unusual transformations catalyzed by a non-heme iron / alpha-ketoglutarate dependent oxygenase during the biosynthesis of the fungal metabolite, Fosfonochlorin.