TransCanada Pipelines Research Scholarship

The TransCanada Pipelines Research Scholarship in Chemistry is awarded annually to a student enrolled in a four year program leading to a BSc in Chemistry, based on the student's potential for future work in research in chemistry related to the petrochemical industry and on the applicant's interest in such work.

Scholarship Winners

2021 Winner

  • Jana Caine - Chemistry and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Joint Honours

2020 Winner

  • Ruolin Wang - Chemistry Major

2019 Winner

  • Nehrad Saeedi Saghez - Chemistry Major

2018 Winner

  • Hannah van der Roest - Chemistry and Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Joint Major

2017 Winner

  • Brennan Hagen - Chemistry Major

2016 Winner

  • Sara Wollschlaeger - Chemistry Honours

2015 Winner

  • Gregory Sheffer - Chemistry Major

2014 Winner

  • Ashley Tam Marandola - Chemistry Major