Graduate scholarships & awards

We encourage students to apply for both internal and external scholarships and awards.  The Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website is your go-to resource for Scholarships and Awards.  Click here for further information and a link to the Graduate Award Application System (GA3).

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Department Awards

Travel and Minor Research Awards

The Department of Chemistry Graduate Studies Committee (DGSC) holds annual poster and oral presentation competitions.  These friendly competitions offer graduate students an opportunity to present their research.  Winners are offered $1,000 to attend a conference of their choice.

The DGSC also offers graduate students who competed but did not win to receive a Special Canadian Chemistry Society award to attend the upcoming CSC.

Graduate Fellowships

The top priority of the DGSC is to support new graduate students in SFU Chemistry with a CGPA of 3.5 or greater who have not previously been awarded a Graduate Fellowship. A subsequent Graduate Fellowship will be awarded based on demonstrated research excellence. No Graduate Fellowship will be awarded if a student has received an unsatisfactory report from a supervisory meeting. Only students in good standing within the time limit are eligible.

The Chemistry Department currently provides a $1000 Graduate Fellowship to all eligible graduate students as a part of their annual funding offer. An additional competition for full Graduate Fellowship awards of $7000 will occur if funds are available. 

SFU Bruker Prize in Chemical Spectroscopy

This award seeks to recognize the excellence of chemistry graduate students in applying advanced spectroscopic methods to solving chemical problems. In particular, applications are encouraged where students have used cutting-edge techniques, developed new experimental methods or performed detailed theoretical analyses of spectroscopic data. To demonstrate the impact of this work, it must have been published or be “in-press” in an internationally recognized journal. It is expected that the applicant will be the first author on this publication and that the spectroscopic studies will be the major focus of the published work.

The definition of “spectroscopy” will be interpreted quite liberally, at the discretion of the Major Equipment Committee, and candidates are encouraged to consult directly with the chair of the committee (Neil Branda, to determine if their work is appropriate for the award. It should be noted that the research forming the basis of the application need not be conducted on Bruker equipment to be eligible. The prize will be awarded up to two times per year, but will only be awarded if an application that merits the award is received.

The Bruker Prize in Spectroscopy Regulations and How to Apply

SFU NMR & Mass Spectroscopy Award

This award recognizes outstanding research by a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry where nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and/or Mass Spectroscopy have been used to solve interesting chemical problems. Factors that will be judged include: (i) design and quality of experiments, (ii) quality of data analysis, (iii) the importance of the NMR and/or Mass Spec. analysis to the overall paper, (iv) complexity of methods used, and (v) the specific work conducted by the applicant. To demonstrate the impact of this work, it must have been published or be “in-press” in an internationally recognized journal. It is expected that the applicant will be the first author on this publication. However, publications where the applicant was not first author but conducted critical, and extensive, NMR and/or Mass Spec. studies will also be considered.

SFU NMR & Mass Spectroscopy General Information and Regulations

Materials required for application - email to Neil Branda <>

  1. Application form, signed and dated (scanned as a PDF file)
  2. The published journal article, including supplementary materials (PDF file)

SFU NMR & Mass Spectroscopy Award Application Form

Donor Awards

Other external funding opportunities

Entrance Scholarships

Indigenous Scholarships

Robert Russell Family/First Nations Graduate Award
Indigenous Graduate Entrance Scholarship