Research Facilities

Departmental Facilities

NMR Services

The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) facility provides academic and industrial users with resources for research, education, and training, and assists users in solving NMR problems using advanced NMR techniques. 

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MS Services

The Mass Spectrometry (MS) facility provides mass spectral services to researchers at Simon Fraser University, other universities, hospitals, not-for-profit entities, as well as external commercial clients.

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Other Instruments

In addition to our NMR and MS facilities, there are a variety of other scientific instruments available in the Department of Chemistry to support researchers in their analyses and applications.

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Core Facilities and Research Centres


4D LABS is Simon Fraser University's open-access applications and materials science-driven core facility. It offers fully-customized research and development programs for researchers, start-ups, and industry in any sector.

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The Centre for High Throughput Chemical Biology (HTCB) is an open-access facility providing  academic and industrial users the necessary tools to support cutting edge research questions at the interface of chemistry and biology.

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TRIUMF is Canada’s particle accelerator centre. From the hunt for the smallest particles in the universe to the development of new technologies, TRIUMF is pushing the frontiers in research to advance science, medicine, and business.

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