Welcome to the Department of Chemistry's resource page for undergraduate chemistry students! The following is a selective, annotated collection of useful web links and SFU programs designed to support your learning.


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Instructional Materials

General Chemistry Open Access Textbook

  • Chemistry 2e is an open access general chemistry textbook featuring:
    • text that can be read online or downloaded
    • exercises (with solutions) at the end of each chapter
    • Student Resources: includes a Student Solution Guide (detailed solutions for textbook problems), a Reading and Notetaking Guide (strategies and study tips) and a Student Time Management Guide

General Chemistry Practice Exercises and Quizzes

  • Practice Exercises for Zumdahl text
    • links to extra practice exercises for each chapter in the Zumdahl textbook
    • links to solutions follow at the bottom of the page
    • dynamically generated practice quizzes covering various topics in general chemistry

Math Review

  • Maths for Chemists
    • excellent math booklet designed for chemistry students
    • easy to navigate Contents page with hyperlinks to each topic
    • has worked out exercises to illustrate the basics and examples as they apply to chemistry

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Reference Tables and Resources

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Video and Interactive Resources

  • Chemistry Wisc-Online OER (Open Educational Resources)
    • access over 100 short videos and interactive learning objects on topics in general chemistry
  • UC-Berkeley eCHEM 1A: Online General Chemistry
    • professionally-developed online course covering first-year chemistry in 13 video modules
    • over 400 short videos which include problem-solving skills, quizzes, and demos
  • Chemistry LibreTexts
    • open access, broadly-sourced educational resources
    • use the site search engine to find links to concise mini-lessons with worked-out examples and practice exercises on just about any chemistry topic
  • Royal Society of Chemistry Interactive Resources
    • interactive online tutor designed to help you develop problem-solving skills in chemistry
    • actively work through problems in three modules:
      • “Knowing What You Know and Don’t Know” – How to breakdown a problem into smaller steps
      • “Tabulating the Information” – How organizing information can bring clarity to the problem
      • “Storyboarding” – How drawing diagrams can help you visualize and solve a complex problem
  • Problem-Solving Using Dimensional Analysis
    • interactive PowerPoint where you use units to guide you to a solution (link coming soon)

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