Wed, 05 Oct 2022
Events, Seminar Series

Dr. Joanne Stewart

Hope College

IONiC investigates the inorganic chemistry classroom: What do inorganic chemists teach and what are students learning

Wednesday, October 05, 2022
SSB 7172 @ 3:30 p.m.

Hosts: Dr. John Canal and Dr. Nabyl Merbouh



If inorganic chemistry is the chemistry of all the elements, then how can it be taught in only one semester…or two? And if students are presented with the chemistry of all the elements, what do they actually take away from the course? The IONiC community has asked these questions at many institutions of higher education and uncovered some interesting answers. IONiC is the Interactive Online Network of Inorganic Chemists, an international, professional community of practice devoted to enriching the teaching and learning of inorganic chemistry. Results from two large surveys on “what” and “how” inorganic chemistry is taught will be shared, as will initial results from a qualitative study on students’ conceptions of molecular orbital theory and conductivity in solids.