Steven Holdcroft Awarded the 2024 Montréal Medal

December 01, 2023

For his significant leadership in developing Canadian hydrogen fuel cell technology, the Chemical Institute of Canada has awarded Dr Steven Holdcroft with the prestigious Montréal Medal.  

His leadership is exemplified through contributions in his former role as President of the Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC), the chairing of various NSERC committees as well as the technical programs of the Pacifichem 2010 and 2015 congresses. Furthermore, he formed the NSERC Chemistry Liaison Committee (NCLC), served as the Group Chair of NSERC’s Evaluation Group 1504 (Chemistry) and on the Committee for Discovery Research reporting to the Vice President, Research NSERC.

Dr Holdcroft, a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Electrochemical Materials, and his team work at the forefront of research in establishing an understanding of the relationship between molecular structures, morphology, and transport properties. Through research in organic solid polymer electrolytes and electronically conducting polymers, their aim is to help develop the next generation of hydrogen-based technologies. This work has led to numerous publications, patents and even the establishment of a spin-off company hoping to commercialize clean energy materials.

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