Compass on Campus

WiE SFU hosts Compass on Campus annually. Compass on Campus is a great event to meet some of the fellow females engineering students and get advice from current female students. We remember how nerve wracking and exciting it is to be starting university and our goal is to is help you be more excited and less nervous about starting school.  

This is not a replacement for the SFU Orientation, they do a fantastic event that covers the whole campus and school experience ...and you’ll get to meet the guys in engineering too , so we highly suggest that if you can do both! Compass on Campus goes into more depth about what to expect being a female in engineering.  


On the left here we have everyone that attended WiE's first in-person Compass on Campus event since the pandemic. It was a fun event, filled with games and getting to know each other!


Pictured here are some of the lovely students who attended WiE's Virtual Compass on Campus event this year. WiE members, ranging from first year to fifth year students, brought their favourite drinks along for icebreakers, mentorship, sharing tips for getting through the school year and games!