Over the years, WiE has hosted multiple hackathons. Our most current project is DEEDHacks- we hosted this event first in the Summer of 2020, and we plan to host another hackathon in the near future. Continue reading to find out more about our past projects!

DEEDHacks - July 2021

DEEDHacks is a 24-hr, all-women tech & business hackathon that invites women around the world to design and build solutions that solve the biggest tech and business challenges.

Our hackathon is built on 4 pillars: Diversify, Expand, Empower, and Discover, and encourages hackers to do a good deed. 

This year, our theme is Making a Difference in the Social Media Age, with subthemes of Mental Health, Social Media Safety, Content Creation, and Education

Hackentine - February 2016

Students came on Valentines day to show their LOVE for coding. They developed an app which they presented to a panel of judged for a chance to win great prizes. The event had coders with several skill levels, from  beginners to programming experts. Sponsorship from Mobify, Visier, and Fortinet.

Hackathon Winners

Alex Land, Aaryaman Girish, and Trevor Clelland took home the top prize with their app made for long distance couples longing for a heart to heart connection. The app which was created under 24 hours allows the user to send their heart beat in real time to their special someone by sensing color changes within the skin that occur during a heart beat. The team hopes to give couples in long distace relationships a fun and creative way to send their love. This isn't the first time the team has taken the top spot at the hackathon and they vow they will be back looking for it once again next year. Watch the video about their app here!

    If you would like to be part of the app, the team encourages fellow hackers to tweak the code that can be found on their GitHub: https://github.com/Coffeeboys/Heartbeat

WiE and WiCS Hackathon - November 2015

Teams have 12 hours to build a creative and innovative phone/web application with support from our Hackathon mentors. They can then pitch their project to a panel of judges for the chance to win GREAT PRIZES!

The event is open to participants of all skill levels: those haven’t programmed at all, those who are programming geniuses, those who have an eye for design and even product managers. It is a great chance to learn, invent, network, and shape the future!

Sponsorship from Mobify and contributions from PMC-Sierra and EA.

Doom Hack - February 2015

In this hackathon, participants create a project with an apocalyptic theme on any platform. Work in teams of 1 to 5 to build something amazing (or at least get it started), pitch your project, meet other  students who share your passion for coding, and win great prizes! This event is open to participants of all skill levels. It will be a great weekend to learn, invent, and create the future. If this is your first hack, fear not! We will be having the professional coders from local companies here to mentor as you turn your ideas into reality!