GoEng Girl

WiE has hosted GoEng Girl workshops since 2018! This virtual event provides young girls from grades 7 to 10 a chance to learn about engineering through projects and discussion sessions.


WiE members hosted a virtual workshop for middle school girls teaching them to design airbus satellites and ocean probe detectors using TinkerCAD!


Volunteers from WiE led a virtual workshop for young girls in which they learned the basic designs of motion detector lights, smoke detector alarms, and fairly lights!


WiE volunteers hosted a workshop for girls from grades 7-10 to spread the love of STEM that included a memory game and a Microbits activity!


WiE members created and led a workshop for young girls to create a sustainable city powered by their own DIY windmill!

Past Events

April 2016 - Try/CATCH

Hosted in Partner with Women in Computing Science (WICS)

Try/CATCH  is a one-day annual event for high school girls from grades 8 to 12, with the objective of helping girls develop an interest in computing science, engineering and the field of technology. Throughout the event, students participate in a variety of enriching activities focusing on developing skills in areas such as programming, robotics and other computing-related aspects. Networking is encouraged and the advantages of working in the tech industry are highlighted through discussion with women mentors.