External Feed Component

The External Feed component is a tool that embeds feeds (such as blog headlines, or calendar events) from external sources onto your page. The External Feed component requires a source URL to work.

When should you use it?

Use the External Feed Component if you need to display an Atom or RSS feed of frequently updated, automatically sorted content including links to the external content. This may be a calendar of upcoming events, or links to recent blog posts on an external website, for example.

External Feed component options

Feed Type - RSS/Atom Feed.

Source URL - Input the URL of the Feed. Ends with .xml or .rss if displaying an RSS/Atom Feed.

Feed Title - An optional field that will title the feed at the top.

Content Display - Select from Default, Snippet, or Full Content. Default will display the title and date only. Snippet will include a short teaser text below the date, if available. Full Content will display the full content of the feed.

Date Pattern - Select from Short, Medium, Long, or Very Long to change how the date is displayed.

  • Short (29/01/11)
  • Short (29-Jan-11)
  • Medium (January 29, 2011)
  • Medium (Sat, 29 Jan 2011)
  • Long (Sat, 29 Jan 2002 2:14 PM)
  • Very Long (Saturday, 29 January 2011 12:08 AM PST)
Sort - Choose to sort the feed by Default or by Date. Sorting by date will sort the feed from newest to oldest (from top to bottom). By default, the feed will be sorted based on the feed source. 

Limit - The maximum number of entries for display. The default is 10, if left blank.

Hide Media - Checking this box will hide any embedded media object that the feed has.

CSS Class - The CSS Class field allows an author to provide an optional class name that will apply a style to the contents.

Open New Window - Check this option to have the event details appear as a pop-up when a title is clicked. When enabled, a new tab called New Window Configurations will appear where you can adjust the size of the pop-up. This option is recommended when authors are using an external feed to point at the SFU Events Calendar (events.sfu.ca), like the example below.

Filters - Filters allow your external feed to show or hide specific content. Specify a condition by selecting from "show only" or "hide any" as the action, and add a keyword to the field. You can also apply the action to certain keywords in the "Contains" field (Note: The filter is case-sensitive.) 

Examples of External Feed Component usage

Below is an example of the External Feed component being used to display the latest 3 news stories, with a title and date.

Example of Filters usage

Below is an example of a filter being applied to the External Feed component for CBC News. This example shows what the feed would look like when it is set to, show only the title. Select 'show only' from the dropdown menu and add 'title' to the field. (Note: Filters do not work with the 'Snippet' option selected for 'Content Display'.)

CBC News

If your External Feed component doesn't display any content, the source of your feed might be blocked by the firewall. Please open a ticket to report it.