File Upload Component

The File Upload component allows a form submitter to send a file to the form owner. This component must be placed within the Form Container component.

Note: The File Upload component will only work in forms using the Mail To option. For security reasons, the File Upload component will not work when using the Store and Mail Content option. To learn more about form data handling options, visit Creating a Form.

Important: The total size of uploaded attachments can be no larger than 15MB. If a user tries uploading larger files, they will be presented with a generic error message and won't be able to submit the form. When possible, please add the maximum file size note to your form.

When should it be used?

Whenever you need to collect PDFs, Word docs, and other files from form submitters.

Be aware that each individual form submission will arrive as an email when using the Mail To option. This may make it difficult to keep track of a large amount of submissions.

Using the File Upload Component

To setup the File Upload component, open its properties and enter a name in the Element Name field. The name cannot contain any spaces or special characters.


Example of a File Upload Component

The total size of uploaded attachments can be no larger than 15MB