Upcoming Events Component

The Upcoming Events component is used to display the title, time, and date of future events of a publicly shared calendar feed coming from SFU Connect. It requires a user ID and the name of the shared calendar. Before using this component, ensure that your SFU Connect calendar is publicly shared.

When should it be used?

Use this component when you need to display a summary of upcoming events and, optionally, a link to a page with more details. If you wish to display events in a calendar type format, consider using the Calendar Component instead.

Using the Upcoming Events Component

1. In the Sidekick, expand the Social toggle, and insert the Upcoming Events component onto the page.

2. A green information alert asking for the user ID and calendar name will appear. Right click and select Edit to input the required information.

3. Enter the SFU user ID and the calendar name.

4. After clicking OK, the component should populate with events coming from the calendar feed you used.

Component Properties

Options toggle:

  • Hide Title – Hides the title that appears at the top of the component.
  • Title – Allows you to create a heading that will show at the top of the component. By default the title is "Upcoming Events".
  • Range – Show future events happening within the specified number of days.
  • Limit – Sets the maximum number of events to be shown.
  • CSS – Allows an author to provide an optional class name that will apply a style to the component.

Example of an Upcoming Events component

This example uses the following values:
User: testing
Calendar: Sample Calendar

Calendar Sharing

If you don't have a Connect calendar set up yet, follow the instructions below. Otherwise skip to the Making the calendar public section.

Creating a calendar

  1. Sign into SFU Connect and navigate to the Calendar tab.
  2. On the top-left hand side, click the add calendar icon next to the 'Calendars' title.
  3. Give your calendar an appropriate name and click the OK button.

Making the calendar public

Once your calendar is created, right-click it and select Share Calendar. Select the Public (view only, no password required) radio button so that it is accessible. For more information on publicly sharing SFU Connect calendars, visit Creating a Public Share (View Only).

When the "Public (view only, no password required)" option is selected, the URL section will appear. This is where you'll find the ICS and View links.

Click the View link. A new tab (or window) will open, displaying the public calendar. Copy the URL from the browser's address bar. You will need the URL later on when creating the calendar in AEM.

The URL is copied from the browser's address bar.

Go back to the tab/window with the Connect calendar and click OK in the Share Properties pop-up to save the change.

Your Connect calendar is now created and publicly shared.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you cannot find the calendar feed you are looking for, it is probably not publicly shared. Please contact the calendar owner and have them change the sharing settings.