Endre Begby

Associate Professor of Philosophy


  • M.A. University of Oslo
  • Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh

Current Research Interests

I have wide-ranging interests in philosophy, but most of my work tends to focus on issues in social epistemology, on the cognitive underpinnings of language and communication, or in social and political philosophy. I teach and supervise across all these areas.

In the last couple of years, I have mostly been working on my book Prejudice: A Study in Non-Ideal Epistemology, which is now set to be published Oxford University Press. 

Below are some of my recent publications, but please see my webpage for a full list.

  • Begby, E. 2020. “Evidential Preemption.” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
  • Begby, E. 2020b. “The Knowledge Norm of Assertion in Dialectical Context.” Ratio: Special issue on Applied Philosophy of Language.
  • Begby, E. 2020a. “The Problem of Peer Demotion, Revisited and Resolved.” Analytic Philosophy.
  • Begby, E. 2018b. “Doxastic Morality: A Moderately Skeptical Perspective.” Philosophical Topics: Special issue: “Can Beliefs Wrong?”
  • Begby, E. 2018a. “Straight Thinking in Warped Environments.” Analysis: Symposium on Susanna Siegel’s The Rationality of Perception.
  • Begby, E. 2017. “Perceptual Expansion under Cognitive Guidance: Lessons from Language Processing.” Mind & Language.
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  • Begby, E. 2015. “Hermeneutics and Pragmatism,” in Jeff Malpas and Hans-Helmuth Gander, eds., The Routledge Companion to Philosophical Hermeneutics.
  • Begby, E. 2014c. “Lexical Norms, Language Comprehension, and the Epistemology of Testimony.” Canadian Journal of Philosophy.
  • Begby, E. 2014b. “A Role for Coercive Force in the Theory of Global Justice?” in Thom Brooks, ed., New Waves in Global Justice.
  • Begby, E. 2014a. Review of Tyler Burge, Cognition Through Understanding. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
  • Begby, E. 2013b. “The Epistemology of Prejudice.” Thought.
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Future courses may be subject to change.