Endre Begby

Associate Professor of Philosophy


  • M.A. University of Oslo
  • Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh

Current Research Interests

I have wide interests in philosophy. Much of my recent work has focused on questions at the intersection of philosophy of mind/psychology and language/linguistics. But I am now about to start an SSHRC supported project entitled “The Epistemology of Social Prejudice,” which I hope will result in a book manuscript over the next couple of years. Additionally, I have done a fair amount of work in political philosophy, and occasionally dabble in the odd bit of history. I teach and supervise across all these areas.

Below are some of my recent publications, but please see my webpage for a full list.

  • Begby, E. forthcoming a. “Doxastic Morality: A Moderately Skeptical Perspective.” Philosophical Topics: Special issue: “Can Beliefs Wrong?”
  • Begby, E. forthcoming b. “Straight Thinking in Warped Environments.” Analysis Reviews: Symposium on Susanna Siegel’s The Rationality of Perception.
  • Begby, E. 2017. “Perceptual Expansion under Cognitive Guidance: Lessons from Language Processing.” Mind & Language.
  • Begby, E. 2016b. “Language from the Ground Up: A Study of Homesign Communication.” Erkenntnis.
  • Begby, E. 2016a. “Deranging the Mental Lexicon.” Inquiry.
  • Begby, E. 2015. “Hermeneutics and Pragmatism,” in Jeff Malpas and Hans-Helmuth Gander, eds., The Routledge Companion to Philosophical Hermeneutics.
  • Begby, E. 2014c. “Lexical Norms, Language Comprehension, and the Epistemology of Testimony.” Canadian Journal of Philosophy.
  • Begby, E. 2014b. “A Role for Coercive Force in the Theory of Global Justice?” in Thom Brooks, ed., New Waves in Global Justice.
  • Begby, E. 2014a. Review of Tyler Burge, Cognition Through Understanding. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.
  • Begby, E. 2013b. “The Epistemology of Prejudice.” Thought.
  • Begby, E. 2013a. “Semantic Minimalism and the ‘Miracle of Communication’.” Philosophical Studies.
  • Begby, E. 2012. “Collective Responsibility for Unjust Wars.” Politics.
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