Directory of Community Engagement

The ongoing purpose of this directory is to celebrate the many people, partnerships, and programs pursuing an ongoing commitment to the principles of community engagementas it is defined and mobilized within SFU's Strategic Community Engagement Plan


The directory was first assembled in 2020. It was initially informed by data collected as a part of several different initiatives, but that still identified work, projects, and initiatives characterized by community engagement. For that reason, it was incomplete to begin with.

One key source of information in this directory is the growing list of funded projects supported by SFU's Community Engagement Initiative (CEI). This directory is updated after every round of the CEI, but only projects from the most recent years contain description or partner information.

While we have tried our best to update the information, some of what is here may not be up to date. A key challenge in a directory like this is ensuring that those who might be required to provide information to keep it updated actually find value in doing so. Work is ongoing to define process and procedure to ensure that value.

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  • You must be directly involved in the initiative for which you'd like to provide a revision or that you'd like to suggest be added to the directory.
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