December 2nd - SFU’s role in transformational change

December 09, 2020

By Methuseli DUbe

We were honored to have SFU President Dr. Joy Johnson as our last call guest, discussing SFU’s role in transformational change. The dialogue was short and rich, offering inspiration for the kinds of changes we might start to make. See below for links and articles pertaining to the Zoom call.

Please join us on December 9th for our last session about the furutre of our network. Your chance to offer any feedback or advice about how to evolve the network in the future. To everyone that attended the meetings, no matter how frequently or infrequently, your voices made this experience meaningful and valuable – thank you. 


  1. An article welcoming and introducing Dr. Joy Johnson as SFU’s president, highlighting some of the qualities and goals held by the president and offering a look at her past: https://www.sfu.ca/sfunews/stories/2020/01/joy-johnson-named-sfus-10th-president.html
  2. The link below contains an invitation to have a discussion with Dr. Joy Johnson sometime in January 2021 around the topic of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. The link offers updates on ongoing events and discussions as well as actions that have been taken or will be taken : https://www.sfu.ca/edi.html        
  3. This link centers on a discussion taking place on the 15th of December discussing, "What does a just recovery for Canada and the world look like?" The panelist will be Nayeli Jimenez, Climate Justice Organizer, Thea Riofrancos, author of A Planet To Win: The Case for a Green New Deal and Matthew Green, NDP Member of Parliament : https://www.sfu.ca/humanities-institute/public-events/public-events/2020/climate-covid19/
  4. Below is a link to a message sent out by the VP academic to faculty, sessionals, TA’s and staff at SFU. Highlighting the experiences and innovations made during the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as changes people have already made to be more resilient : https://www.sfu.ca/vpacademic/learnteach/announcements/learning-and-teaching-at-sfu-november-2020.html (UPDATE: this link is no longer available).
  5. The link below will take you to a previous video we did on precarious instructors in post-pandemic academia. The discussion holds up a light to better understand the difficulties face by precarious instructors that make up a large portion of active instructors, and the challenge ahead of SFU as a whole : https://www.sfu.ca/communityengagement/covid-19/network-blog-recaps/2020-11-04-precarious-instructors.html
  6. The link below contains an open letter for just recovery principles written by SFU’s C19 Coalition. The SFU C19 Coalition is a group of students advocating on behalf of students who are experiencing precarity, anxiety, and abandonment during the pandemic : https://sfpirg.ca/sfu-c19-coalition-endorsement-and-open-letter-re-just-recovery-principles/