November 25 - Addressing the issue of women academics falling behind

November 30, 2020

By Methuseli Dube

Ele Chenier, President, SFU Academic Women and Julia Smith, Research Associate at SFU, joined us for a conversation about how radical inclusion might address the issue of women academics falling behind.  We would like to thank Ele and Julia for sharing their research and knowledge with us.

Join us Devember 2nd for a Dialogue on SFU’s role in transformational change, hosted by SFU President, Dr. Joy Johnson. 


  1. A link to results of a survey done at UBC, detailing the effects of COVID-19 on tenure and non-tenure track faculty by gender: https://bog3.sites.olt.ubc.ca/files/2020/11/5_2020.11_UBCV-Faculty-Survey-Results-by-Gender.pdf
  2. This policy brief by the UN Secretary-General explores how women and girls’ lives are changing in the face of COVID-19, and outlines suggested priority measures to accompany both the immediate response and longer-term recovery efforts: https://www.unwomen.org/en/digital-library/publications/2020/04/policy-brief-the-impact-of-covid-19-on-women
  3. The link below details research done by the European Institute for gender equality on COVID-19 and its effects on several different sectors, ranging from health to economic hardships: https://eige.europa.eu/topics/health/covid-19-and-gender-equality
  4. BBC ran an article discussing why COVID-19 effects men and women differently: https://www.bbc.com/future/article/20200409-why-covid-19-is-different-for-men-and-women
  5. The Women’s Resource Center offers women’s stories and perspectives on COVID-19 – a look at women's lived experiences: https://www.wrc.org.uk/womens-stories-and-perspectives-on-the-covid-19-outbreak
  6. An article detailing how female voices are being drowned out in current international news media: https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2020/sep/24/female-voices-drowned-out-in-reporting-on-covid-19-report-finds