Reports & Resources

Convening and collecting the shared wisdom and knowledge that guides SFU community engagement is an ongoing process. Below you'll find some of the documents, reports, and resources we've been privileged to be involved in creating, stewarding, or supporting.

Notes from the What's Next roundtables about community engagement at SFU.

October 2022 | SFU’s Office of Community Engagement hosted two virtual roundtables during the week of June 27th, 2022, focussed on two questions: 1) How does your work with community partners strengthen post-secondary education? 20 Are there key policies or practices that you think SFU should prioritize in the next strategic plan that would help support the critical work you do with community partners?

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Principles for Partnerships

May 2022 | The ways we approach and engage in our partnerships matter and can affect the outcomes we hope to achieve together. This document presents a framework of overarching and operating effectiveness principles that are meant to help guide behaviour and action in partnership relationships. It is meant to provide useful guidance based on foundational values, lessons, assumptions and experience from practice, and it builds on existing evidence and literature, and it would benefit from testing, feedback and iteration to ensure relevance and effectiveness.

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SFU Community Engagement: Findings & Recommendations

March 2022 | In November 2021, SFU’s Office of Community Engagement reviewed community engagement (CE) across a number of major self-study and consultation initiatives. This report presents the themes, findings, and recommendations that appear consistently in order to better understand how SFU might advance its community engagement efforts and further strengthen its learning, research, and community impact mission.

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Strengthening Community-Engaged Learning and Teaching at SFU

November 2021 | An informal group of people engaged in Community-Engaged Learning and Teaching (CELT) met monthly from May to September 2020 as part of the COVID-19 Community Resilience Network. Led by Gretchen Ferguson, Associate Director with SFU's Office of Community Engagement and Paola Ardiles Gamboa, Faculty Teaching Fellow and Lecturer (Health Sciences) and 2022 recipient of the Warren Gill Award for Community Impact, a small team undertook a research project in Summer 2020 with the support of a graduate student and a recent alumnus. The goal was to identify benefits and challenges/gaps related to CELT from the perspective of faculty, staff and students, and to frame ideas and considerations for strengthening CELT at SFU.

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SFU's 2020 ThoughtExchange on Community Engagement

May 2020 | From January 27 – February 7, 2020, SFU students, staff, faculty and alumni, together with community and institutional partners, donors, retirees and the general public, courageously weighed in on the question: community engagement at SFU – what's working well, and what isn't? Over an 11-day period, more than 600 thoughts were shared and these thoughts were rated almost 15,000 times. Thank you to everyone who participated in this important discussion.

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SFU's 2013 Community Engagement Strategy

March , 2013 | In 2013, in response to a new vision for the university, SFU advanced its Community Engagement Strategy. Building on an accreditation evaluation by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), the strategy sought to include community engagement as core to SFU's vision and mission, thereby helping to set it apart from other universities in Canada and around the world. The strategy was drafted to assist in advancing SFU's practices in order to become “Canada’s most community-engaged research university” and to maximize its contribution to the economy and society of B.C. and beyond. 

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Download SFU's Strategic Community Engagement Plan

July, 2019 | In 2013, SFU’s vision and mission were redeveloped under a bold commitment to engage students, engage research, and engage community. Significant progress has been made over the years, building on decades of deep community engagement by SFU faculty, staff, and students, and with support from the community.

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