Dr. Robert (Bob) Hackett


Bob has been instrumental in areas of major citizen concern for over three decades, including labour and peace/anti-war movements, human rights issues, environmental/climate justice and media democratization. He has led and engaged with others in critical analysis of political, economic and cultural issues and their effects on poverty, militarization, corporate power, labour rights and environmental degradation.

This work has included hundreds of media interviews, dozens of public talks and op-ed articles, workshops, participation in grass-roots events, policy briefs, and membership on community group boards. It has resulted in the cofounding of NewsWatch Canada (an SFU-based watchdog project focusing on the critical analysis of news and its political implications), (arguably Canada's most influential consumer and citizen advocacy group on internet and telecommunication issues), and Media Democracy Days, where he helped to bring together dozens of independent media and media activist groups to promote a sense of common purpose, amongst others. In addition, Bob has participated in hearings at the CRTC and made appearances as an expert witness before the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench where he testified on behalf of a trade union in a case that was decided in the union’s favour in Supreme Court. Through this work, he has made an important difference promoting democratic communication and progressive media policies and he has taught thousands of students about the history and future of journalism, media democratization, peace studies, public media and research methodology. Bob's recent academic work on journalism and climate change is connected to his community-based activism to protect the natural environment of Burnaby Mountain, the Salish Sea and the global climate, vis-a-vis the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure.

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