Forms & Policy

See Also: Graduate Student Admission Handbook for Information regarding various policies and procedures.

Forms for the following are found on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Website:


  • Confirmation Letter
  • Completion of Degree Requirements Letter

Records and Transcripts

  • Name Change
  • Consent to Disclose Personal Information
  • Parchment Replacement
  • Transcript Request

Opt-Outs and Refunds

  • GSS Benefit Plan Opt-Out
  • International Students Medical Plan Opt-Out
  • U-Pass BC Exemptions
  • Refund Request
  • Refund Appeal Application

Course Changes and Program Transfers

  • Course Add/Drop
  • Change Requirement Term
  • Program Transfer

Transfer Credit and Advance Credit

  • Application for Advance Credit
  • Taking a Course at Another Institution

Extensions, Leaves, Readmissions, and Withdrawals

  • Request an Extension (Please review Extension Policy first)
  • Leave of Absence Request
  • Reactivation
  • Readmission for One Term
  • Withdrawal from Graduate Studies
  • Withdrawal Under Extenuating Circumstances


  • Appeal of an Evaluation of Unsatisfactory Performance

Supervisory Committee MA/PhD

  • Approval of Supervisory Committee
  • Changes to Supervisory Committee

(Thesis Examination) Defence and Completion

  • Approval of Examining Committee
  • Scheduling of a Master's Degree Completion

Thesis Publication

  • Thesis Postponement of Publication


  • Recommendation for the Award of Certificate
  • Recommendation for the Award of Degree
  • Accepting an Award
  • Changes to Award
  • Deferring or Interrupting an Award
  • Termination of Award
  • Reinstatement of Award
  • SSHRC/NSERC Annual Progress Reports


  • Graduate Student Business Cards