Co-op Policies

The following restrictions apply to ENSC students seeking co-op placements:

1. ENSC students may not participate in co-op if they are registered in the Back on Track (BOT) program.

2. ENSC students must have a CGPA of at least 2.2 in the term before they seek co-op (i.e. the CGPA on their current transcript must be at least 2.2).

3. ENSC students with a CGPA less than 2.4 must meet with a co-op coordinator to discuss how a search will be conducted before participating in a seeking semester.

4. ENSC students are required to complete 3 co-op semesters. Students must have a CGPA of 3.0 or higher to request to seek a 4th co-op semester.

5. Students have an opportunity to participate in research co-op terms, where they gain experience in an academic, research and/or lab setting at SFU. Ideally, at least two of the three mandatory work semesters should be completed in industry unless a student plans to pursue post-graduate studies.