Important Forms

Please check here first for any undergraduate forms that you may need. If the form you desire is not here please contact the General Engineering Office - ASB 9801, or the Undergraduate Program Assistant via email at Links back to committee pages are included where applicable and should be used as reference. Co-op Forms can be found in the Co-op section of the website.

Application for Exemption from Minimum 12-Credit Course Load Form

Students must meet with an advisor then complete the online form to request permission to take less than 12 credits in a given semester as per each program listed at ).

This form must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the start of the semester for which the exemption is requested.

You ARE NOT required to submit this form if:

  • You will be on a co-op placement 
  • You are taking the full semester off
  • You have completed more than 120 credits of the Engineering Science program

You ARE required to submit an appeal form if y ou are unable to enroll in a minimum of 12-credits due to one of the the following reasons:

  • Working 20 hours per week or more (must present documentation from employer to verify)
  • Non-honours students with CGPA <2.5 may enrol in 9 credits for one semester to bring up CGPA
  • Honours students with CGPA <3.2 may enrol in 9 credits for one semester to bring up CGPA
  • Medical emergencies
  • Course availability/scheduling conflicts with approval of FAS advisors


Thesis Proposal and Thesis Committee

ENSC 498 (Thesis Proposal) Registration Forms and ENSC 499 (Thesis) Registration Forms should be submitted to the Undergraduate Program Assistant in a timely manner.

For details on the Thesis Proposal, committee selection and examples of thesis and proposal formatting, please visit this site.

Thesis Defense Approval Form

Before booking a room for your undergraduate thesis defense, complete this form and submit it, along with your thesis, to your Academic Supervisor.

Once you have obtained his or her signature and have completed all revisions specified on the form, submit the signed form to the Undergraduate Program Assistant to arrange a time and room for your defense.

Directed Studies and Special Project Lab Courses

Students interested in taking Directed Studies and Special Project Lab courses should complete and attach this form as a cover page with your course/project proposal. Once it has been signed by your course supervisor, the proposal should be returned to the Undergraduate Program Assistant who will have it approved by the UCC Chair and register you in the course.

A final report, using this title page template, must be submitted for approval by the UCC Chair before a passing grade will be processed.

Grade Deferral

Students wishing to defer a final grade in their course must contact their instructor, no later than 24 hours after the final exam, and request that the instructor fill out a Change of Grade form. The completed form, once signed by the instructor, should be given to the Undergraduate Program Assistant.

Course Prerequisite Waiver

The UCC adheres to a strict policy, requiring all prerequisite courses to be successfully completed (minimum grade of C-) in advance of the subsequent course, unless it is listed as a co-requisite.  The one exception being if the student has obtained the knowledge of the prerequisite course in a formal setting, for example, a course taken elsewhere, or during a co-op placement, in such instances, evidence must be submitted along with the appeal for formal evaluation.

Student must complete this form, and submit it to the Undergraduate Program Assistant, for the consideration of both the course instructor and the UCC Chair. UCC approval must be obtained prior to registration. The Undergraduate Program Assistant will notify you of the decision by email and, if approved, will enroll you.  

NOTE: Enrollment, with the use of an approved waiver, is still subject to course availability,  enrollment appointment times and reserves.

Course Duplication Appeal Form

Students wishing to repeat a course, either third attempt, or a repeat in excess of five, must complete and submit this online form.