Student Societies


Student Societies

Computing Science

Computing Science Student Society (CSSS)

The Computing Science Student Society (CSSS) provides plenty of support to get you through your courses and to make university fun!

It all starts with Frosh at the outset of your time in Computing Science and goes from there. Ski trips, weekly movies and pizza, UNIX tutorials, and job fairs are among the community- and career-building activities brought to you by the CSSS. Join your fellow students in the CSSS common room for conversation, cheap pop, or a game of pool.

Software Systems Student Society (SSSS)

The goal of the Software Systems Student Society is to represent the interests of students in Software Systems, and to:

  • Foster and grow a sense of community both on and off campus.
  • Host a variety of educational and fun events including guest speakers, seminars, workshops, and social events.
  • Provide services of benefit to students in Software Systems, as well as to the campus in general.
  • Maintain representation on behalf of Software Sytesms students at the SFSS Forum, and provide student input to the program director.

Women in Computing Science Society (WICS)

The Women in Computing Science Society (WICS) promotes networking and support among women at all levels in Computing Science with a new-student mentoring program, a speaker series, fun events like bowling nights, group hikes, and more!

Engineering Science

Engineering Science Student Society (ESSS)

The Engineering Science Student Society (ESSS) exists to serve and represent the Simon Fraser University Engineering students. The goals of the ESSS are:

  • To promote school spirit.
  • To improve the quality of education and educational environment of the Engineering Science Program at SFU.
  • To develop Engineering Science students' interests in areas outside of studying.
  • To take an active role in promoting engineering as a profession.
  • To maintain communications with other engineering groups and professional engineering associations.
  • To give engineering students a vehicle to develop organizational and leadership skills.

Mechatronics Systems Engineering Student Society (MSESS)

The Mechatronic Systems Engineering Student Society (MSESS) was established to serve and represent the interests of its members to the School of Engineering Science, throughout Simon Fraser University, and beyond to industry and other engineering societies. If your declared major is in MSE, then you are automatically a member of the MSESS.

The MSESS, run entirely by students, promotes school spirit and fosters community building by providing opportunities for you to interact with fellow students, faculty, staff and industry. Social events take place throughout the year, and the Student Society also organizes career fairs and sends members to conferences such as the Western Engineering Competition.

Women in Engineering Group (WiE)

Created by former SFU Engineering student, Maria Trinh, the Women in Engineering Group (WiE) at Simon Fraser University strives to provide support, guidance, motivation and inspiration to women in Engineering by nurturing strong academic and social relationships as we travel through academia towards our future careers making a difference in STEM fields.