Courses and Requirements

Required Courses

All FCP students take the same required cohort-specific courses during their first two years. These courses are offered during specific terms as outlined in the Course Sequence.

Several other political science and french courses, as well as elective courses, are also required in order to fulfill all of the requirements of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Refer to the program requirements below.

Program Requirements

Regular program

Alternative Programs

Major in French with an Extended Minor in Political Science

French Language Cohort Program in Public and International Affairs French Major with a Political Science Extended Minor (Bachelor of Arts) >>

Double Major

French Language Cohort Program in Public and International Affairs Political Science Major AND French Major (Bachelor of Arts)

One-on-one Academic Advising

The FCP Student Advisor will assist you with the planning of your program of study and with preparations for the exchange program at a francophone university. You may wish to incorporate an additional area of study into your program, or vary the pace of your studies, for example, in order to prepare for or integrate the following programs:

   •   Teacher Education (PDP)
   •   Arts Co-op Program (Sample jobs)
   •   Undergraduate Semester in Dialogue

For advice about academic options and additional guidance, please contact the FCP Student Advisor.

NOTE: Non-FCP students interested in enrolling in cohort-specific courses may contact the FCP Student Advisor for eligibility and registration permission.