Dr. Stephen Robinovitch

B.App.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (University of British Columbia)
M.Sc., Ph.D. Medical Engineering (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Phone: (778) 782-3566
Fax: (778) 782-3040

Injury Prevention and Mobility Laboratory

Technology for Injury Prevention in Seniors

Injury Prevention & Mobility Biomechanics

My research focuses on understanding the cause and prevention of injuries in humans. Current projects focus on understanding the mechanisms of falls and fall-related injuries in older adults, and the mechanisms of injury in sports.

Falls in older adults. While falls in older adults have been studied intensely over the past 40 years, we lack objective evidence on the cause and circumstances of these events to inform prevention. We are addressing this barrier by collecting and analyzing video footage of real-life falls in older adults in two partnering two long-term care (LTC) homes. We are analyzing the data to generate a better understanding of human postural responses, and the cause and prevention of fall-related traumatic brain injuries and hip fractures. We are also developing wearable sensor systems that incorporate machine learning algorithms to automatically detect falls and monitor fall risk from the measured kinematics. Our approach has been adopted by several industry partners. Another focus of our efforts is to develop and evaluate protective clothing that is acceptable and effective in preventing fall-related injuries in older adults. In a cohort study of 14 LTC homes in BC, we found that wearable hip protectors were worn in 60% of falls, and reduced fracture risk 3-fold. We are now working with partners to develop implementation strategies to increase use of hip protectors in other areas of Canada and internationally. We also led the development of the first biomechanical testing standard for hip protectors, which has been adopted by research groups internationally.

Head impacts in ice hockey. Repeated head impacts in hockey and other contact sports, even at sub-concussive levels, are associated with long-term neurological damage. The mechanisms of these events are poorly understood. We have partnered with the SFU men’s hockey team to analyze the causes of head impacts to players and to examine how head accelerations can be reduced by modifications to protective gear and glass shielding.

Mechanisms of falls in mountain biking. Falls are common in mountain biking, and the consequences can be extreme. We are studying mountain biking as a microcosm for understanding decision making, risk taking, and postural responses for avoiding injury in the event of a fall.

Recent Publications

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