David Whitehurst

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences


  • Bachelor of Laws: LLB Law and Economics, Keele University
  • MSc Health Economics, University of York
  • PhD Health Economics, Keele University


Dr. Whitehurst is an economist who has specialized in the areas of health and health care throughout his career. Prior to his appointment as Assistant Professor in June 2012, he has held research positions at the Universities of British Columbia (Postdoctoral Fellow), Birmingham (United Kingdom (UK); Research Fellow) and Keele (UK; Research Associate, Research Assistant). Formal training in economics and health economics was undertaken in the UK, at Keele University (PhD; LLB Law & Economics) and the University of York (MSc Health Economics).

Research Interests

As a continuation of his postdoctoral studies, a focus of Dr. Whitehurst’s current research concerns the assessment of quality of life for individuals living with spinal cord injury, with a specific interest in the validation of preference-based outcome measures suitable for use in economic evaluation. The concepts of health state description and valuation, comparability across alternative measures, and the application of economic evaluation techniques alongside clinical intervention studies have been common themes throughout his career. Musculoskeletal conditions provided the clinical context of his UK research, which resulted in publication in leading international peer-reviewed journals for both methodological (e.g. Medical Decision Making, Value in Health) and applied (e.g. The LancetAnnals of the Rheumatic Diseases, Annals of Family Medicine) studies. Other research interests include the paradigmatic distinction between clinical and economic evaluation, the measurement of quality of life in people with aphasia, and individuals’ capacity to adapt to living with health conditions.

Teaching Interests

In addition to research, Dr. Whitehurst has a keen interest in teaching the economics of health and health care and has extensive experience as a lecturer, tutor, supervisor and coordinator within undergraduate and postgraduate courses. In the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programs offered by the Faculty of Health Sciences, Dr. Whitehurst designed the first courses dedicated to the economics of health and health care. These courses began in 2013.

Publications and Activities

View Dr. Whitehurst's publications here.