June 24, 2015: Nicole Jackson will be a panelist on a talk by Ramesh Thakur on the changing nature of global conflict.

June 30, 2015: In partnership with CIC Vancouver, Leszek Balcerowicz will be speaking on prospects for economic reform in Ukraine.

November 10, 2015: Celebration of Latin American Studies at SFU.  Details TBA.  Hold the date!

Archived News and Events


The School for International Studies provides the editorial office of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies/Revue canadienne d'études du développement


June 30, 2015: Citations to the CJDS/la Revue have jumped up again in 2014! The journal now has an Impact Factor of 1.031, compared with 0.776 in 2013 (Web of Science, Journal Citation Reports). Congrats to John Harriss and Elizabeth Cooper, who are on the editorial board, and to the editorial team here at SIS.

June 29, 2015: Congratulations to John Harriss and Martha Snodgrass for yet another Serial Publication, University Publication Fund Grant award in support of their work with the Canadian Journal of Development Studies.

June 23, 2015: Jennifer Wilmot's (MA 2014) capstone project was recently published in Contemporary Arab Affairs. Read her article titled 'A commitment to politics: the trajectory of the Muslim Brotherhood during Egypt's 2011–13 political opening' here.

June 18, 2015: Adjunct Professor Paul Meyer speaks on the cyber attacks on Canadian government websites this past Wednesday to the Vancouver Sun.

June 15, 2015: Congratulations to IS undergraduate student, Alissa Sutton, recipient of this year's Ted and Emily McWhinney Scholarship in International Studies!

June 10, 2015: A very warm congratulations to International Studies and Latin American Studies graduates today!  And a special congratulations to adjunct professor Dr. Jennifer Simons, recipient of an honorary degree at this afternoon's convocation ceremony.

June 4, 2015: Congratulations to adjunct professor Onur Bakiner on his forthcoming book: Truth Commissions: Memory, Power, and Legitimacy.

June 4, 2015: Morten Jerven is publishing a new book, Africa – Why Economists Get it Wrong. The book will be launched at the SOAS, University of London, UK on June 4.

May 26, 2015: A failed nuclear NPT review conference: Fin de regime? by Paul Meyer.

May 20, 2015: Congratulations to Alli Cano and Tina Bachl, winners of the School for International Studies Best Undergraduate Essay Award for 2014/2015!

May 14, 2015: From the Nonproliferation Treaty review conference in New York, Paul Meyer outlines the fundamental flaws of the 45-year-old treaty. Can an ‘outcome’ document fix them?

May 5, 2015: Greg Feldman has a new book out - We Are All Migrants: Political Action and the Ubiquitous Condition of Migrant-hood.