International Studies Student Association

The International Studies Student Association is an SFU Student Union for the School for International Studies. We are a group of passionate International Studies students that plan and execute events that could promote student engagement in both social and academic aspects. Especially during these times, it is difficult to connect with one another. We hope that ISSA can continue to provide a space where students can learn, interact, and procreate opportunities for student engagement and well-being!

Fall 2020 Meetings

Bi-weekly meetings on Tuesdays 10AM - 12PM PST

Via Zoom (link and more info available on our Discord)

All International Studies students are welcome to attend!

Social Media Channels


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 Website (newly updated!)

Upcoming events

We are excited to announce the upcoming discussion series - The Status Quo. This 3-part discussion series will be held on a monthly basis with different topics per month. It is exciting to see how different perspectives can come together and procreate these discussions! 

The information on each of these are as follows:

COVID-19 and the Economy

Nov 5th, 7 PM PST

How are student employees being affected by covid-19?

How should governments intervene in the economy in response to COVID?

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Climate Change & International Studies

Nov 26th, 7 PM PST

How will the creation of climate refugees impact existing refugee law? Should it be expanded?

Who should contribute more to Climate Change protection?

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