Interested in understanding why some countries develop quickly while others are mired in poverty? Ever wondered why some countries are democracies while others are ruled by dictators? Want to know how we can help countries recover from natural disasters and civil wars, whether Russia is losing its influence, or what the barriers are to peace in the Middle East? If any or all of these issues interest you, then you may want to consider International Studies as part of your academic career.

Pending approval from Senate, the practicum/semester abroad component of the IS Major, Honours and Joint Major programs will be removed in Fall 2017.  In the interim, the School for International Studies waives this requirement.



Claudia Arrieta speaks on the key to her success which has also been her her biggest challenge: getting and staying organized to establish and maintain balance in her home-life, work-life, school-life.

Aleks Besan speaks on her interest in social justice issues and how the interdisciplinary approach in International Studies provided her with tools to explore and form critical perspectives on complex issues.  

Raied Haj Yahya speaks on promoting cross-cultural understanding as a means towards social justice.