The Master of Arts in International Studies provides participants with the knowledge and analytic tools to work successfully in an increasingly globalised world, and equips them to exploit the policy and scholarly synergies that result when disciplinary insights are rigorously combined.  The program focuses on Conflict and Development, following from the recognition in international policy over recent years, of the crucial intersection of the problems that are addressed in development policy and practice, and the needs of conflict resolution. The program aims to provide students with the tools to understand and analyse policy implementation and outcomes in various institutional, political and geographical contexts pertaining particularly to developing countries; and to analyse the causes and processes of order (role of international institutions and organizations; the spread of global human-rights standards) and disorder (complex emergencies; civil war) in the world today. 


Daniel Mundeva (MA 2016) is featured on FASS's website.

Deanna Fasciani (MA 2014) is featured as one of 50 inspring alumni with a graduate degree from SFU.