Argentina's 40 years of democracy: Made in Argentina Movie Screening

About this event

Commemorating Argentina’s 40 years of democracy with our movie series! We showed Made in Argentina Argentina (1987, Dir: Jusid).

Our movie series commemorates Argentina’s 40 years of democracy, which refers to the period of democratic governance in Argentina that began in 1983 and lasted until the present day. This era is significant because it marked the end of a series of military dictatorships and a return to civilian rule. This event is hosted in partnership with the Consulate General of the Argentine Republic in Vancouver.

Challenges and Legacies: Argentina’s democracy faced ongoing challenges, such as political polarization, and socio-economic inequalities. These issues have continued to shape the country’s political landscape and public discourse. However, the endurance of democratic governance for four decades is seen as a significant achievement in a region historically marked by authoritarianism.

Film Screening

Made in Argentina (1987, Dir: Jusid) was shown at SFU Harbour Centre in the Earl & Jennie Lohn Policy Room 7000. Movies were available with English subtitles.

December 13, 2023

6:00 PM

SFU Harbour Centre Room 7000




  • School for International Studies