Strengthening Bonds: Exploring the Indonesia-Canada Economic Partnership

About this event

On September 18th, we held a captivating conversation with Hendra Halim, the Consul General of Indonesia, as he discussed the economic partnership between Canada and Indonesia.

On June 20, 2021, Canada and Indonesia embarked on a significant endeavor by initiating negotiations for a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), a strategic initiative designed to fortify economic collaboration between these two nations. This agreement holds the promise of significantly enhancing Canada's economic landscape and fostering growth for Canadian enterprises, as it opens doors to Indonesia's robust economy, boasting a GDP of $1.5 trillion and a population exceeding 275 million people.

Since then, during a recent meeting in Jakarta this September, both leaders, President Joko Widodo of Indonesia, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada, jointly affirmed their commitment to concluding the Indonesia-Canada CEPA negotiations by the conclusion of 2024.

The discussion delved into the contextual background of this pivotal agreement, its current status, the challenges encountered thus far, and the strategic pathway forward to successfully realize the Indonesia-Canada CEPA. Additionally, we explored Indonesia's economic diplomacy initiatives in Western Canada, underlining the broader geopolitical implications of this collaboration.

The SFU School for International Studies' Consular Conversations series is a monthly public forum featuring discussions with members of the Consular Corps in Vancouver. These conversations are moderated by Dr. Ricardo Arredondo, an IS Adjunct Professor and Consul General of Argentina. The goal is to bring together the Consular Corps of British Columbia for public lectures that encourage dialogue on issues that transcend borders, explore inspiring topics, and cultivate connections. The primary audience will be members of the Consular Corps of British Columbia and the Schools for International Studies and Public Policy. 

September 18, 2023

4:00 PM

SFU Harbour Centre Room 7000


Hendra Halim

Hendra Halim has an extensive diplomatic career representing The Republic of Indonesia on the global stage. Currently serving as the Consul General of The Republic of Indonesia in Vancouver since 2021, he previously held the esteemed role of Director of European Affairs II within Indonesia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs from 2018 to 2021. His tenure at the Foreign Ministry for over 30 years has facilitated his engagement in diverse Indonesian missions abroad, including assignments in Bern, Dakar, Mexico City and New York. 

Notably, Mr. Halim has demonstrated adept leadership by guiding Indonesian delegations, prominently presiding over Senior Officials' Meetings with Central, Eastern and North Europe countries. Moreover, he played a pivotal role as one of the Negotiator for the Indonesia-European Free Trade Association Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement.

Mr. Halim earned his degree in Economic Development from Universitas Jambi, Indonesia and in International Trade from Monash University, Australia. His journey exemplifies a resolute commitment to advancing Indonesia's diplomatic pursuits and strengthening global collaborations.




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