The School for International Studies welcomes it's newest Adjunct Professor.

Welcome Dr. Ricardo Arredondo

April 03, 2023

We are excited to welcome Professor Ricardo Arredondo as our newest adjunct Professor in the School for International Studies! Dr. Arredondo is an Argentinian diplomat and professor of International Law and Diplomacy, who has been teaching for more than 30 years.

Arredondo has been serving as a diplomat since 1992, a career that he’s had his eyes on since high school. “I was interested in learning about other peoples and cultures and how states and civil societies from different regions interrelate,” he explains. “At that time, I considered that entering a diplomatic career would allow me to have a job that would satisfy my intellectual and cultural interests.”

With a strong vision for his future as a diplomat, enrolling in law school felt like a natural fit. Upon graduating, Arredondo began teaching International Law at the National University of Tucumán in Argentina. There he received grants from the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research and the Inter-American Development Bank to deepen his ongoing studies in Latin-American integration. “My interest in diplomacy was reborn. I applied for the competitive examination to enter the Foreign Service Institute, the only mechanism for admission to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Argentine Republic,” he elaborates.

Arredondo was admitted to the competitive program in 1990 and after two years of intense study he graduated as a Secretary of Embassy and consul of third class. While he was posted to the Argentine Embassy in London he completed his Master of Law from the London School of Economics. Since then, he’s lectured at universities around the globe including; Southwestern Law School, State Universities of Wyoming and Montana, the London School of Economics, among many others. When posted in Madrid, he was Honorary Professor of International Law at the Autonomous University of Madrid for four years. When he returned to Argentina, he obtained his Ph.D. in Law from the University of Buenos Aires in 2012.

Arredondo arrived in Vancouver in 2021 to set up a new Consulate General of Argentina. He was then drawn to SFU for its wide network of alumni and far-reaching global impact. “I decided to approach the University, where I received a warm welcome and a positive reaction to my joint work proposals, which I hope to be able to develop satisfactorily throughout this and the coming years,” he says. Arredondo brings a breadth of experience to The School for International Studies and combining theory and practice hopes to collaborate with students and faculty alike to explore the fields of law and diplomacy and create new global connections.