The following curriculum outlines the courses required to successfully complete this degree program.

year 1

~Term 1, Fall

Term 2, Spring

CHEM 120
General Chemistry I - or CHEM 121
MATH 232
Elementary Linear Algebra
Additional Elective - Breadth B-Soc/Hum*  
MATH 151
Calculus I
MATH 152
Calculus II
All Complementary Elective Courses plus one additional Elective B-Soc/B-Hum Breadth can be taken  in this semester.
CMPT 130 
Introduction to Computing Science & Programming I
PHYS 141
Studio Physics: Optics, Electricity and Magnetism
NOTE: MSE 110 is also offered in this term.  
PHYS 140
Studio Physics: Mechanics and Modern Physics
~MSE 101W
Process, Form, and Convention in Professional Genres.

~MSE 100


Engineering Graphics and Design ~MSE 102
Applied Science Technology and Society  

MSE 110


Mechatronics Design I

Complementary Elective I*

MSE 110


Mechatronics Design I

Complementary Elective I*

NOTE:  MSE 100, MSE 101W and MSE 102 will be offered in the fall and spring terms starting Fall 2018.

* Offered in the fall and spring terms starting Fall 2018

year 2

Term 3, Fall Term 4, Spring   Summer
MSE 221
Statics and Strength of Materials MSE 222
Kinematics & Dynamics of Rigid Bodies & Mechanisms Co-op Term
MATH 251 Calculus III MSE 223 Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
MSE 220
Engineering Materials
MSE 251
Electronic Circuits
MSE 250
Electric Circuits MSE 210
Engineering Measurement and Data Analysis
MATH 310 Introduction to Differential Equations MSE 280
Linear Systems
Complementary Elective II* MSE 211
Computational Methods for Engineers 

year 3

Term 5, Fall Spring Term 6, Summer
MSE 320
Machine Design Co-op Term MSE 312 Mechatronics Design II
MSE 380 Systems Modeling and Simulation
MSE 381
Feedback Control Systems
MSE 310 Introduction to Electro-mechanical Sensors and Actuators MSE 353
Power Electronics & Electric Machinery  
MSE 352
Digital Logic and Microcontrollers
MSE 311
Introduction to MEMS
MSE 321
Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
MSE 300  The Business of Engineering I: Fundamentals

year 4

Term 7, Spring
Term 8, Summer
Co-op Term
MSE 410
Capstone Design Technical Project MSE 405W
The Business of Engineering II:  Entrepreneurship for Engineers
Mechatronics   Elective I *** MSE 411
Capstone Design Technical Project
MSE 402
Engineering Law and Ethics
Mechatronics   Elective IV **
Mechatronics   Elective II
Mechatronics   Elective V **
MSE 4XX Mechatronics   Elective III
MSE 4XX Mechatronics   Elective VI **

* At least one complementary elective course must be selected from pre-Approved Complementary Electives list.

** Students must complete 6 courses from the list of  Pre-approved Technical Studies Electives.  Please visit go.sfu.ca for list of coures offered in a particular semester.

~ Starting Fall 2018, MSE 100, MSE 101W, and MSE 102 will be offered in the fall and spring terms.