Recovering Arm Functions Through a Mind-Controlled Robot

Who can participate?

  •    Had the stroke more than 6 months ago
  •    Are able to communicate and follow instructions from others
  •    Are able to move your shoulder (minimal)
  •    Currently not enrolled in other research or  rehabilitation programs
  •    Willing to come to SFU (Burnaby or Surrey)


What do I need to do?

  •    During the experiment, you will wear 1) A cap that can record your brain

         activity and 2) a robotic orthosis for the elbow/hand

  •    You will use mental imagination to move the robot
  •    This robot will help you perform upper limb tasks, grasping, pick-place, etc.


Where do I go?

  •      Simon Fraser University (Surrey or Burnaby Campus)


  •       Surrey (14568 104A Avenue, Surrey)


Who to contact for more information?

     MENRVA Research Group




You will receive an honorarium to offset your expenses and taking part in research is voluntary. Thank you for your consideration.