Welcome to my website. I am a geomorphologist and sedimentologist. My main research interests lie in the processes that shape Earth’s surface, and in particular with the action of glaciers and ice sheets.

My field-intensive research program probes the paleoenvironmental record contained within glacigenic sediments and landforms and explores the agents and processes responsible for their formation and evolution. My main interest is in understanding how ice sheets operated in the past, with a view to better understanding how present-day ice sheets may behave in the future. I have also applied this knowledge to the inventory and management of Canada’s natural resources and to investigations of the action of water on Mars. My research program integrates geomorphology, digital terrain modeling, topographic surveying, remote sensing, sedimentology, shallow geophysical techniques and geochronology.

To find out more about my research program, research group and lab, student research opportunities and teaching continue to explore this site and/or contact me at