Paleoglaciology Lab

Description of major facilities

Paleoglaciology Lab

The Paleoglaciology Lab contains computers and associated peripherals and field equipment for glacial geomorphic research. It is also home for the paleoglaciology research group.

The Sed Lab

The Sed Lab is a dedicated space for the quantitative analysis of sediment samples housing an oven, analytical balances, a sieve shaker and sieve sets.

Optical dating lab

Members of the paleoglaciology research group collaborate with members of the UFV Optical Dating lab.

Geophysical Equipment

Multichannel electrical resistivity Earth imaging system: AGI SuperString R8/IP system with 112 electrodes (take-outs at max. 12.25 m spacing) powered by deep cycle batteries.

This system measures the changes in electrical resistance beneath the ground surface, allowing visualisation of sub-surface layers. The equipment is available for research rentals (contact B-Jae Kelly, Manager, Logisitics & Technical Operations at or 778-782-3581 for inquiries).

Ground penetrating radar system: The Department shares use of a 400 V PulseEkko pE PRO with 50, 100 and 200 MHz antennas with Earth Sciences.

This equipment can explore the structure of sediment beneath the ground surface by sending radar waves into the ground and measuring the time they take to return.

Topographic survey equipment

Kinematic differential Global Positioning Systems (dGPS)

Trimble R10 base and rover system.

Leica GPS System 500 base and rover system.

These systems reduce the error on GPS readings by taking many readings from a stationary base station. The points from the rover are then linked directly to this low-error point, improving the survey measurements taken.

Total stations:

Trimble SX10 scanning, robotic total station

Leica TCR1105 total station

For topographic surveying.

Field Equipment

Two rugged Panasonic laptops, with replaceable high capacity batteries: for running geophysical surveys, processing topographic surveys, field mapping and navigation.

Trimble Tuma 2 rugged tablet, running Windows 7 with SIM card and GPS for field mapping.

Hand augering and coring equipment; rocksaw; handtools

Camping gear, generators.