Supervised Theses

Supervised Theses

PERKINS, A.J. 2015. Refining the pattern and style of deglaciation on the southern Fraser Plateau and environs [PhD thesis]

JORGE, M.G. 2015. Lomgitudinal subglacial bedforms semi-automated mapping and measurement [MSc thesis]

LESEMANN, J.-E. 2012. Subglacial processes, glacier dynamics, and deglacial processes and patterns associated with the Cordilleran Ice Sheet around Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. [Ph.D. thesis]

PETERS, J. 2012. Late Pleistocene evolution of glacial Lake Purcell: a potential floodwater source to the Channeled Scabland. [M.Sc. thesis]

NEUDORF, C.M. 2008. Relationships between the macroscale sedimentology and micromorphology of glacigenic diamictons in south-central British Columbia. [M.Sc. thesis]

JOHNSEN, T.F. 2004. Late glacial lakes of the Thompson Basin, southern Interior of British Columbia: paleogeography and paleoenvironment. [M.Sc. thesis]