Philosophy and Law

The Concentration in Philosophy and Law is a specialized path for those who intend to pursue an education and career in Law.

By focusing on topics in Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy, Ethics, and Moral Theory, the Concentration in Law is directly applicable to legal theory and policy courses, giving you a strong background and a head start in Law school.

Successful completion of either a Major or Minor in Philosophy with a Concentration in Law will result in a special notation on your transcript.

The data shows that philosophy majors are better equipped to be admitted to law school than students in any other degree program. The Philosophy Department at SFU now offers specialized degree concentrations for students planning to enter law school after graduation.

Specialized Course Offerings

PHIL 326 Topics in Law and Philosophy (course topics may include problems in professional ethics facing lawyers; philosophical issues in international law and human rights; constitutional interpretation and the philosophy of language; the assessment of evidence and formal epistemology; the intellectual origins of the theory of natural law and natural rights; or others

PHIL 329 Law and Justice (course topics may include the philosophy of punishment, theories of moral responsibility, charter equality rights, and theories of distributive justice)

PHIL 320 Political Philosophy (course topics may include The Nature of Distributive Justice, The Philosophy of Punishment, The Foundations for Democracy)

PHIL 321 Moral Philosophy (course topics may include The Nature of Moral Responsibility, Bodily Autonomy)

PHIL 322 History of Ethics (course topics may include, The Conceptual Origins of Natural Law)

PHIL 328 Environmental Philosophy (course topics may include animal rights, environmental justice, the instrinsic value of nature) 

PHIL 421W Ethical Theories (course topics may include, Moral Realism, Constructivism and Normativity, The Idea of a Moral Right)

Please see Undergraduate Programs for requirements