University Professor


October 1, 1992

Revision Date

November 28, 2013
Effective January 1, 2014


A 32.03

Revision No.


University Professor


1.    The purpose of the University Professorship is to recognize senior scholars of distinction who are active participants in all aspects
       of their discipline and who currently hold the rank of Professor.

2.    University Professorships are awarded for a 5-year term and are renewable.

3.    The amount of the award shall be .174 salary/base per year. This is subject to periodic review. The allocation of the funding
       between salary supplement and research support shall be determined individually.

4.    Normally, two University Professors are available for each Faculty.  However, the Vice-President, Academic may allow up to four
       University Professorships to be awarded in larger Faculties.

5.    Professors who hold internal or external named awards, such as endowed chairs and professorships, Canada Research Chairs or
       major salary awards from granting agencies are not eligible to hold a University Professorship. Where an existing University
       Professor receives such an award, he or she will not be eligible for renewal of the University Professorship after the five-year term
       is complete.



1.    The Vice-President, Academic shall determine the number of University Professorships to be funded each year and issue a call for

2.    The Vice President, Academic can limit the total number of nominations that may be submitted from each Faculty.

3.    Nominations are initiated at the Department level and must be accompanied by supporting documentation, including evidence that
       the nominee is a scholar of distinction, active in teaching and service, and recommendations from the Chair and the Dean.
       Nominations shall be submitted to Department Chairs by January 1 annually. Deans shall receive recommendations from
       departments by March 1st. The Vice President, Academic shall receive recommendations from the Deans by May 1st.

4.    The Vice-President, Academic shall review all the recommendations together, and shall forward his/her recommendation(s) for the
       appointment of University Professors to the University Appointments Committee.

5.    The University Appointments Committee shall review the recommendation(s) of the Vice-President, Academic and the nominations
       received, and shall make a recommendation to the President whose decision shall be final.



Questions about the interpretation of this policy and its procedures shall be referred to the President, whose decision shall be final.

October 1, 1992