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Simon Fraser University’s Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation (VPRI Office) serves to encourage, facilitate, administer and promote research at SFU; advocate for university research generally; and guide policy development at university and government levels. Dugan O’Neil is SFU’s Vice-President, Research & Innovation (VPRI), and Valorie Crooks is SFU’s Associate Vice-President, Research (AVPR) pro tem. Elicia Maine is the Associate Vice-President, Knowledge Mobilization and Innovation (AVPKMI).

At the heart of SFU's research is a strategy for wide-reaching collaborations at the local, national and international levels, to foster a seamless continuum of knowledge generation and knowledge transfer across diverse sectors. Research at SFU spans eight faculties, covering a broad range of fundamental, interdisciplinary and applied research topics, as outlined in our Strategic Research Plan


Dugan O'Neil

Vice-President, Research and Innovation (VPRI)

Office Phone

Valorie Crooks

Associate Vice-President, Research pro tem (AVPR)

Elicia Maine

Associate Vice-President, Knowledge Mobilization and Innovation (AVPKMI)

Office Phone

Alison Shaw

Executive Director, Community-Centred Climate Innovation

Shelley Gair

Executive Director, VPRI Office

Office Phone


Clare Zheng

Coordinator, Postdoctoral Affairs

Jean Huang

Executive Assistant, Associate Vice-President, Research (AVPR)

Office Phone

Livleen Diwana

Executive Assistant, Associate Vice-President, Knowledge Mobilization and Innovation (AVPKMI)

Office Phone

Rosa Gilfan

Executive Assistant, Vice-President, Research and Innovation (VPRI)

Office Phone

Varundeep Chahal

Strategic Project Manager

Communications & Marketing


Director, Communications & Marketing

Heather Sanders

Communications and Marketing Manager

Justin Wong

Associate Director, Communications and Marketing

Office Phone

Mary Chen

Communications and Marketing Officer (Digital)

Michael Barrow

Associate Director, Communications & Marketing (Digital)

Pam Lim

Communications and Marketing Manager


Karen Hung

Director, Finance

Office Phone

Amrit Sandhar

Financial Analyst

Jennifer Gao

Budget Coordinator

Office Phone

Joanne Park

Financial Analyst

Mina Park

Financial Assistant

Moses Lo

Financial Analyst

Research Intelligence

Michael Boleak

Director, Research Intelligence

Office Phone

Cici Du

Data Analyst, Research Intelligence

Honghui Wang

Software Developer, Research Intelligence

June Shim

Software Developer, Research Intelligence

Knowledge Mobilization

Lupin Battersby

Director, Knowledge Mobilization

Sophie Ashton

Coordinator, Knowledge Mobilization